Sound production for television and cinema spots

soundengineerjobsThe sound production for television and cinema spots is our speciality.

For years we have been working with the largest agencies and brand names, preparing their spots to be broadcast on television and in cinemas. The spot sound production consists of searching for desired effects or recording them, finding the appropriate music, voice-over recording as well as sound editing and mastering.
We hold castings to find voice-over artists (recording voices of a few voice-over artists for the same spot) and focus research.

The process of a television / cinema spot sound production consists of:
– selecting a suitable voice (one or more) and recording it (in several versions)
– selecting music and sound effects
– editing and mixing the entire material (synchronization with the image)
– mastering (sound unification of all components of the spot and adjusting the sound and volume to the current standards)
– generating the broadcast file / files for the radio station or cinema
– preparing the production metric (providing the client with broadcasting rights)