About us

MUZVAR was founded in 2010

We create audio advertising spots (radio spots, sounds intended to be played in shopping centres, on the Internet and via the telephone). We have the largest voice bank of Ukraine and foreign voice-over artists in the country. In our studios we create background music used in shopping centres and via multimedia, telephone announcements and IVR systems.

We also produce soundtracks (recordings of voice-over artists, music, sound effects, foley and recordings in foreign languages) for ads on television, films, multimedia and games. We undertake the most complex of orders, but approach every project – even the most modest – with unflagging enthusiasm and commitment.

The experience and creativity of the MUZVAR staff ensures that each radio spot, multimedia presentation and phone announcement is ideally suited to the client’s expectations. We are known for moving fast, while devoting the optimal amount of time for each task.

We welcome cooperation with advertising agencies, radio broadcasters and television stations, multimedia presentation producers, film studios and with all who value interesting advertising spots, interesting music, recordings of voice-over artists in any language and excellent phone announcements.

Studio services